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Engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, calibration, testing, and modification, of mechanical and electric
fuel injection systems and components for all types of racing and performance.


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We continue to to have a steady relationship with
the Cup teams in 2017

February 27-28, 2012


Congratulations to Matt Kenseth for
winning this wettest, fieriest, and most
delayed NASCAR Cup race ever! He
drove an impressive race in his Roush
Fenway Racing #17 Ford, owned by
John Henry, with Jimmy Fennig as
crew chief.

All five top finishers ran Kinsler F.I.
components,as well as 36 of the 43
cars that started the race.

Click the third green button down
at the left.







INDY 500

In 2017 we are still involved with all of these cars.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


It was great watching Dario Franchitti win his third Indy 500, with his Chip
Ganassi Racing teammate Scott Dixon taking second; both running Honda
Engines. We had our equipment on both of these cars.

During qualifying, Chevrolet engines took the ten top spots, so it looked like
they might dominate the race. After being absent from Indy since 2003, they
had come back with a vengeance!

Final top twelve, by engine: Honda, Honda, Chevrolet, C, C, C, H, H, H, C, C, H
We had our equipment on ten of these 12 cars and on most of the rest of the field.



Click on image to See      You won't believe this!
Ken Block  Drive a Kinsler Injected Mustang

Kinser Injected Ken Block Mustang

Ken Blocks 1965 Ford Mustang with Kinsler Injection





Kinsler_NASCAR_Filter_Flier_11_25_14U_Pg3 Kinsler_Filter_Flier_11_25_14U_Pg4 




Features all ball bearing support of the longitudinal throttle shafts,
including the bearing between each set of butterflies. This gives
super smooth throttle action, allowing better control of the car on the

These manifolds can accommodate any port design the customer wants.
Kinsler can help the customer select a port for his engine combination,
by varying both the shape and volume of the CNC ported runners. 
The manifold was released in February, and Kinsler has already made
some extreme variations to suite their customers.
Some have been made for EFI road racing and for street use, with
throttle position sensors, fuel rails, and nozzle bosses for EFI nozzles.

 World of Outlaws, Tucson AZ   March 8th 2014


1st Place: Brad Sweet Car #49 of Kasey Kahne Racing
 Engine by Speedway Engine Development Inc., Indianapolis

Kerry Madsen, driving the #29 car of Keneric Racing
won the Stockton, CA race on 3-22-14 using a
Morrison Racing Engines engine.


 Billet 410 SB Chev 1653 Lg

 Both Sweet and Madsen use a Kinsler Billet 410 Manifold



 NewModel HP (high pressure) Nozzle Lines
 Slim, sleek, lightweight


HPHP Series W Nozzle 1940 crop web

   The line end fittings and collars are our own design, made in stainless.
   The lines are assembled in our shop, using an eight-crimp die set.
   They have a 5/16” hex at the barrel valve for easier installation.
   You can rotate the fitting in the line after installation.
   The PVC sheath is crimped under the collar; no braid showing:
   protects from dirt.

   The fitting for the nozzle has a 45-degree seat to properly match the
   angle on the nozzle.
   It is bent 65 degrees to let the lines run snug over the valve covers.

   The line is smooth bore Teflon 3/16”ID, with stainless braid, covered
   with black PVC, .275 OD. This is rated at 3,000 psi working pressure,
   with a minimum burst pressure of 14,000 psi. We have tested ten of
   these line assemblies to 15,000 psi without a failure.






       NEW: Series 2 Tough Pump
sizes: 8.68 GPM, 10.62 GPM, & 12.58 GPM at 4,000 Pump rpm, at 100 psi pressure. These are just as rugged as the Series 1 Tough Pumps; will handle
dirt in the fuel better than any other pump.


 Applications: 600 plus cubic inch naturally aspirated Methanol, Supercharged or Turbocharged Methanol up to 2,000 HP, Top Fuel Harley Davidson (requires special seals for nitro). These pumps are good to 300 psi continuous.

The biggest problem racers have with their mechanical fuel pumps is wear, due to gears and housings that aren’t hard  enough. Our pump has very hard gears and a hardcoated housing to hold up very well against dirt... we have yet to have one wear out in the field due to dirt passing through them.

Total pump failures are another problem. Our pumps are made with very premium metals, coatings, and very close tolerances to give extreme durability... we have never had one of our pumps fail in the field.




IMSA 2014 Champion

The SRT Motorsport's Dodge Viper GTS-R
 #91 and  #93 with Roush powerplants

GTLM Series

Viper 93 Champion 14 with Kinsler Intake Manifold

We partnered with SRT and Roush on this program.

 ViperV10 Ver2 0435 Crop

Viper V-10 Manifold for SRT program.  These ran at The 24 Hours of LeMans.

American Le Mans Series Viper V10

Viper GTS-R manifold designed and machined by Kinsler for Roush Industries.  We worked with
Roush on the development and packaging of this billet aluminum manifold.

Transverse throttle shafts with ball bearings.  Special progressive linkage works with their “blipper” 
motor to synchronize throttles for transmission gear changes.

Viper GTS-R #91 leading the Corvette #4 at the 12-Hours of Sebring on March 17, 2013




54th Rolex 24 At Daytona, Jan 28-29, 2017

 Kinsler DPi 10CadillacDPi V.RWinsDaytona2016Web

GM Engine by ECR with Kinsler LS injection Win 1st and 2nd Place
in Class and Overall

10CadillacDPi V.RWinsDaytona2016Web

Max Angelelli (L to R), Jeff Gordon, Ricky Taylor and Jordan Taylor,
drivers of the No. 10 Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.R
Kinsler Billet DP LS
Click on the image to Link to the "Engine Labs" article about,
  "Inside The Cadillac V8 That Ran 1 & 2 at Daytona"



See Kinsler's Honda Plenum/Manifold
       and K-140 Pressure Relief Valve on:

       pn footer logo   Engine Power Logo
                 TV show   Episode #13
   On the internet starting May 25th  2014 at:




Mint 400, Las Vegas     March 14th 2015
Annual Desert Off Road Race

Lofton Truck  Podium Mint 400 with Kinsler Fuel Injection

        Dougans Racing Engine and Kinsler Dragon Claw Fuel Injection

1st TO FINISH!!!     OVERALL CHAMPION  of all 6 classes  
Justin Lofton, Truck #41
Races in the 1400/P Trick Truck Class
Lofton Mint 400 Winner Kinsler Fuel Injection Dragon Claw Manifold and Dougans Racing Engines



Musi Racing Engines Customer: Rickie Smith
2016 NHRA Pro-Mod Champion
Rickie Smith NHA Pro Mod 2016 Champ

Musi Racing Engines Customer: Tommy Franklin
2016 PDRA Pro-Nitrous Champion
2016 EOPM Pro-Nitrous Champion

Tommy Franklin 2016 PDRA EOPM Champ With Kinsler-Musi Throttle Bodies

Kinsler-Musi Oval Mono Throttle Body
Kinsler Billet Throttle body sold only through Musi Racing Engines



                     WATER PORT INSERT


Magnesium can corrode very rapidly when exposed to water.  This manifold corroded unusually
quick;  it was in the field for about two years.  There are only two threads left where the water port
fitting was.  Steel ions accelerate the corrosion, so use anodized aluminum fittings on magnesium
manifolds.  Using distilled water for coolant is supposed to reduce the corrosion significantly.

                     Aluminum water port insert            
               As an option, we can install our machined aluminum insert in our new manifolds,
               or fit them into your used Kinsler manifold. 8AN and 10AN o-ring boss available.

                   Machined magnesium ready for aluminum water port insert
                                                   Bottom, machined for insert
                                 The insert is large enough that the gasket seals to it…
                                 so water will only contact it, not any of the magnesium.

    Aluminum insert installed   Bottom side, with insert installed

           Top side with insert installed and                Bottom side, with insert installed and
                            final coated                                                        final coated

                           Loctite is used to seal the insert into the machined pocket;
                                    retained with four 10-32 button head cap screws.



In our 50 years we have acquired
a vast experience in motor sports:
road race, sprint cars, midgets,
boats, Indy 500, NASCAR Cup,
drags, motorcycles, Bonneville,
street, pullers, mud and sand drags,
snowmobiles, water craft, etc.

We are delighted to use our broad
experience to help you select the
proper fuel injection system or
components for your application,
whether you are a long time
professional, or just getting started.

We are glad to help you mix and
match with other brands. We have
many parts for other brands in stock.

Our technicians are quite knowledg-
able and patient.  Please call them
at   248 362-1145.








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 Kinsler_Fuel_Injection_Handbook #32 Cover

Our 227 Page Handbook/Catalog #32 is the bible on
racing fuel injection. It has detailed plumbing schematics,
trouble- shooting charts, and explains constant flow,
electronics, and Lucas systems from tank to bypass valves.
We make manifolds and systems for Constant Flow, EFI, and
Lucas mechanical. We flow test and update all other brands
for drags, sprints, Road Racing, ect., for gasoline, methanol,
and nitro methane.

    Click on the Handbook Image to VIEW Online

Handbook #31                                                  56 Page Handbook


Cover Cat 31                          Cover Cat 56Pg     





 You will need Adobe Reader® to View the Handbook.
To download the latest version of Adobe Reader®
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You may un-check the scan option 

Download Complete PDF #32   227 page handbook            
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Download Complete PDF #31   88 page handbook            
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  Download Complete PDF Original  56 page handbook           
Kinsler_Handbook/Catlog_56Page_Copyright_1982 Click Here

 After your download is complete, you may save the PDF
to your computer by clicking the floppy disc icon in the Adobe
Reader tool tray and selecting the file location.


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Sprint Car / Midget Racing
Sprint Car / Midget Racing
Drag Racing
Drag Racing
Street Performance
Street Performance
Sport Racing
Sport Racing
Salt Flat Racing
Salt Flat Racing
Mud/Sand Racing
Mud/Sand Racing
Marine Racing
Marine Racing
Tractor Pulling
Tractor Pulling


Customer Accomplishments

                                                                  Using a Kinsler product?
Would you like your accomplishments posted?

Please send  your  information,
and image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(we need to be able to confirm your information)

Sprint/Midget Racing

2010 Jason Meyers WoO Champion

Jason Meyers 2010 World Of Outlaws
Elite Racing Team

410 Sprint Car #14

Using Kinsler 410 Beast Manifold
Tough Pump, K-140 High speed ,
Monster mesh fuel filters,
and Kinsler

2010 410 Knoxville Champ Tim Shaffer

2010    410  50th  Knoxville
National Champion
Tim Shaffer & CH Motorsports
Using a Kinsler Beast manifold
Powered by a Kistler Race Engine




2010 360 National Champ Shane Stewart


National Champion
2010  360s at Knoxville
Shane Stewart in the Silva
Motorsports #57
owned by
Paul Silva   powered by a
360 cubic inch  Wesmar Racing
Engines utilized Kinsler’s Dragon
Claw Fuel Injection



2009 ASCS National Champ Shane Stewart


 Shane Stewart in the Silva Motorsports #57 owned by Paul Silva   powered by a 360 cubic inch ASCS Wesmar Racing Engines utilized Kinsler’s Dragon Claw Fuel Injection the 2009 Lucas Oil ASCS National Championship. Shane_Stewart_2009_ASCS_National_Champion_Using_Kinsler_Fuel_Injection




2009 All Stars Champion Tim Shaffer



2009  All Star Champions 

Tim Shaffer  “The SteelCity

Outlaw” and The CH Motorsport

#83 Team Owners: Aaron Call

and Janet Holbrook
Crew Chief: Brian Kemenah
Crew: Rick Whetsel & Mark

Motors : Kistler Engines
Injection: Kinsler “Monster”
 A couple of ‘Highlights’
from the year 
In additional to the
“All Star Championship”

Winner of the “A” Main of
Night #1 of the
49th Annual
Knoxville Nationals.

Winner of the “A” Main on Oct.
10th World
of Outlaw race at

Park in Elbridge, New York 

Tim Shaffer and the CH Motorsport

#83Team competed in 68 races in

the 2009 season and finished

with 13 “A” Main wins; 36 Top 5s;

and 50 Top 10s



2009 URC Champion JJ Grasso

1st time Championship for JJ Grasso in

Car #9 of Palladino Motorsports

6th Championship for Owners Pat and

Kathy Palladino using Kinsler Fuel Injection

Dragon Claw.


Pat, myself and the team are very excited

as it's a milestone for both Palladino

Motorsports and United Racing Company

 -- in URC's 62-year history, it's an

all-time URC record of 6 championships

for one team!  It's JJ's first championship

and we're very proud of that as well.


2009 Craig Mintz F.A.S.T. Championship




Craig Mintz in the BK Sears Motorsports #09owned byBobby & Kellie Sears,

powered by 410 cubic inch motors

done by Kistler Racing Engine using Kinsler Fuel Injection’s manifolds

wins the Kistler Racing Products

Fremont/Attica Sprint Title (F.A.S.T.)

Championship Series

This was the inaugural year for series. The year ended with 17 races between Fremont and Attica raceways Craig finished the series with4- “A” main WINS Crew Chief Pat Harger won the FAST Productive Tool Mechanic of the Year Award 



2009 Tyler Walker King of California

Tyler Walker in the SC Motorsport/NMI Industrial #24 owned by Scott & Kathy Chastain powered by a 410 cubic inch Shark Racing Engine using Kinsler Fuel Injection’s Dragon Claw intake manifold wins the 2009 GoldenState Challenge King of California Sprint Car Series for both driver points and owner points.


This year was the 24thrunning of the series, 21races at 11 different raceways across California and Oregon.  Tyler finished the series with9- “A” main WINS     

PLUS7- “A” main Top 5s 

4- “A” main Top 10s

Driver – Tyler Walker

Team Owner -  Scott & Kathy Chastain

Crew -Lee Lindgren (crew chief) 

Jason Chastain   Chelsea Molina

Crazy Robby        Trico Bob


2009 ASCS Lone Star Region Champion

Kevin Ramey driving Ray Williams’ #7  using motors done by Dennis Wells at Wells Racing Engines Wells_Racing_Engine_and_Kinsler_Fuel_Injection_Dragon_Claw_ManifoldTopped with Kinsler ASCS Dragon Claw manifold, Crew Chiefed by Bobby Huddleston takes the 2009 ASCS Lone Star Regional Championship. After clinching his Championship Kevin went onto WIN the Devil’s Bowl ASCS Winter Nationals.  More info on Kevin at :  



2008 Jason Meyers is 2nd in Points WoO


With the cameras from SPEED Channel once again rolling on the WoO, Meyers was excited to return to the site of one of his 2007 victories - Dodge City Raceway Park for the Boot Hill Showdown.  The Elite Racing Team dropped a brand new Charlie Garrett powerplant into the KPC Chassis that Meyers has been so successful with so far in 2008 and qualified fifth.

Marie A.Osborn / Public Relations Director


2008 360 ASCS Knoxville Nationals Winner

360 ASCS Knoxville Nationals Winner Wayne Johnson


August 2, 2008  Winner of the 360 ASCS Knoxville Nationals Wayne Johnson driving the H & H Enterprises #94 with Fisher Racing Engines Dragon Claw equipped power plant.  August 1, 2008Wayne wins the “A” main preliminary race on Friday night


2008 305 Sprint Car Championship

Bolac Motorsports

305 Sprint Car 2008 Champion

at Virginia Motor Speedway

New Generation Racing Sprint Cars

Complete Point Standings
Rank-Car#-Driver-Hometown-Total Points
1-44-Daren Bolac-Moyock, NC-1225



"With the help of some great power and torque, Bolac Motorsports, was able to win seven features, set fast time eight times, break and currently hold track record, and ultimately win the 2008 305 Sprint Car Championship at Virginia Motor Speedway.  We are very proud of our accomplishments and wanted to take the time to thank all the people that helped us achieve our goals in 2008 and look forward to the same in 2009."  Daren Bolac

Bolac Motorsports, LLC



360 Tournament of Champion Winner

360 Tournament of Champion Winner Jason Johnson August 3, 2008  Jason_Johnson_&_Wife_Bobbi_With_Trophy


Winner of the 360 ASCS Brodix Tournament of Champion at the Knoxville Nationals Jason Johnson driving Lanny Row’s #41 with Wesmar Racing Engines Dragon Claw equipment power plant. July 31, 2008Jason wins the “A” main preliminary  race on Thursday night


2008 Jason Johnson Wins Ollies Challenge

Jason Johnson wins $56,000.00 in Ollies Bargain Outlet Challenge Racing against NASCARs stars: Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, and Dave Blaney To obtain the $50,000.00 bonus he needed to win 2 of the three races.  Johnson won the 2nd race at Eldora Speedway and the 3rd at Williams Grove SpeedwayAugust 19th 2008



Drag Racing

2010 Kara Stricker NHRA Top Dragster

Kara Stricker ----Car Driver

Jeff Sricker----    Car owner


2010 NHRA National Competition / 

Top Dragster November 13th 2010 

Championship Title in Top Dragster1st Female to accomplish this title.

2002 Kens Kustom, Dragster Chassis

Kara also ran in the Rear Engine DragsterSuper Pro Class


Bisimoto Race Engineering


  • August 9th 2009 
  • World’s first sanctioned 150mph FWD naturally aspirated pass
  • World’s fastest unibody FWD
  • World’s fastest n/a Honda
  • World’s fastest n/a SOHC
  • Sacramento Raceway Pro Stock MPH record
  • IDRA Pro Stock MPH record
World's Fastest All Motor Single Over Head Cam Honda
1988 CRX Unibody, D16 full
street: 12.68 @ 107mph
1988 CRX Unibody, D15 full race: 10.77 @ 123mph
2006 Insight Unibody, F22A (engine): 9.42 @ 145mph


most current and fastest ET with our manifold.


Dean Carter NHRA record B/ND Class

Competition Eliminator

Dean Carter, Jon Hansen, Kinsler,

Eaton, Rick, Jay, Jim, Steve, Carol

Are certified bye NHRA at the Firebird

International Raceway on March 2nd 2008

National acceleration record in B/ND

class  7.02 second in the

¼ mile at 189.36 MPH


Also on June 14th 2008

6.99 ET  @ 189.36 MPH 


Street Performance

The Roadster Shop 2009


Phil & Jeremy Gerber The Roadster Shop Goodguys 2009 Street Machine of the year


Click on image to view video C1RS 1962 Corvette with Kinsler Fuel Injection LS7 Crossram intake manifold and electronics programmed by Kinsler Fuel Injection.

The C1RS was designed by Eric Brockmeyer and built by Phil & Jeremy Gerber and The Roadster Shopfor Barry Bomquist. 618 HP LS7 engine by Turnkey Engines


2009 Goodguys Street Rod of the Year

 Doug Cooper’s 1932 Ford B400 Wins the Goodguys 2009 Street Rod of the Year award.  Transformed by Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop  using a LS6 engine and Kinsler Fuel Injection Eight stack injection manifold.

{2009 Goodguys Truck of the Year Finalist}

 Rodger Lee of Iron Works 1957 Pick up Truck is Goodguys 2009

Truck of the Year Finalist


Using a 600 HP LS2 engine and a Kinsler Fuel Injection 8 stack injection manifold.  Riding on C6 Corvette suspension and drive train.



Sport Racing

GTI 2010 Grant Brennan

Tauranga driver Grant Brennan

Won the GT1 Class title

of New Zealand  April 3rd 2010



Salt Flats Racing

Worlds Fastest Acura

Doug MacMillan & Miriam MacMillan


G/BFCC Record  234 MPH  Hondata's RSX
Bonnneville land speed record.
Miriam Drove the 1990 JDM CRX with
Kinsler Fuel Injection individual throttle bodies
to record MPH 183.718 and 187.077 naturally

Torrance CA.Thursday 28th August 2008 
World’s Fastest Acura

Los Angeles based Hondata co-owner

Doug Macmillan and his wife Miriam set

5 Bonneville land speed records at Speed

Week at the Bonneville salt flats in Utah

this past week. 

Doug Macmillan started the week by

setting a new record in the G/BGCC

class of 221.652 mph in his 2L K20A

Acura RSX running twin Rotrex

Superchargers, installed by Norco,

CA based

This record gave him his goal of

acceptance into the vaunted Bonneville

200 mph club. He went on to also take

the G/BGALT record at 208.646 mph.

The crowning glory of the week however

 was the G/BFCC record, originally set at

an impressive 226 mph in 1990. Doug

has previously thought this record was

out of contention, until he saw the

performance of the K20A engine,

built by Joe McCarthy of Prototype

Racing in combination with the twin

Rotrex Superchargers fitted by Supercharger

experts Kraftwerks. At the 4000 ft altitude

of the salt flats, the supercharged K20A

was good for around 600HP . On the

qualifying run, Doug scraped in with a

227 mph pass, going into a spin after the

 fifth and final mile, flat spotting all 4 tires.

On inspection, 2 of the tires were throw-

aways and two passed marginally. The

team only had 2 spares which Doug

could use, so the decision was made

to swap the 25” tires from the rear to

 the front and put the spare 26” tires

on the back. This decision was fraught

with anxiety, as it changed the gearing

of the car and would require more

horsepower to get the RSX up to a

record speed. During the first pass,

Doug didn’t make use of the nitrous

 bottles in the back – at this point used

 for ballast only. Now the team needed

 the extra horsepower that the nitrous

could give, only Doug had never tuned

this engine with both blown and fuel

combinations. It was a case of “give

it your best guess”, and who better

 than tuning guru, Doug Macmillan!

The RSX pulled an impressive 234 mph

 with the additional 100 HP nitrous shot

and stopped straight this time, with no

drama. That this speed was achieved

in a production chassis, with off the

shelf Honda gearbox parts and camshafts

is a testament to the strength, quality

and engineering of Honda products.

Hondata’s RSX is now officially the

world’s fastest Acura!

Not to be out-done, Miriam, driving a

1990 JDM CRX breathing through a

set of Kinsler individual throttle bodies,

 started her week by breaking Doug’s

G/GCC record on the 3 mile short

course. The CRX had a power curve

almost perfect for the occasion. The

Kinsler ITBs moved the power peak

 (293 sea level, about 255 at altitude)

up 1000 RPM to 9700 RPM and

increased the power by 30 HP over

Doug’s engine from last year. Gearing

this year was optimized for the course

lengths. With these two major

improvements in hand, Miriam bumped

the gas competition coupe record from

 167.988 mph to 178.584 mph on the

three mile short course. This qualified

 the record and car for the 5 mile long


On her long course qualifying run, Miriam

recorded a speed of 189 mph. However

 at the 1-½ mile mark, the belly pan broke

 off and was found scattered over the

course. The team had their work cut out

for them to fabricate a new belly pan in

order to run the back up the next day.

This was accomplished by begging and

borrowing bits of scrap tin and securing

it with nuts and bolts to what was left of

 the fiberglass belly pan and the underside

 of the car. On the morning back up run,

Miriam put the car sideways at 170 mph

at the 1 ¼ mile mark and it was later found

that the height adjustments made the

previous day had given the car 1/8th

toe out on the rear wheels, making the

 car unstable at speed. Back down to

the ground for this little car!!

Miriam went out again on the same record

the next morning and qualified again at

186 mph. This time the car behaved well

 and was much more stable. The back up

run the following morning netted 188 mph

 making the record 187.077 mph.

Back on the short course on the second to l

ast day, the CRX qualified for the G/GALT

record, which was set by Doug the previous

year at 167.346 mph. Miriam bumped this

up to 183.352.  The CRX was the last car

to run on the short course and achieved a

back up speed of 184.085 mph with the

record standing at 183.718 mph. This

record and car are now officially long

course qualified. We believe that with

aerodynamic and engine work, building

on what we have learned this year, 200 MPH

will be possible on our naturally aspirated

2 litre K20 powered CRX.

We would like to thank all our sponsors,, Prototype Racing,

Church Automotive, Eibach, Tein, Kinsler,

After Hours Automotive, CPL Racing, IPS,

RC Engineering and Hitech Exhaust and

especially our team of Craig Corbin (,

Joe McCarthy, Oscar Jackson, Daniel

 Butler and Ryan Zamora for their very

 hard work during the week.

For information on landspeed racing:

For an external video of a 211 mph

pass in the RSX :


Marine Racing


Peter Caughey


Peter Caughey and Karen Marshell 

win the 2009 UIM World Superboat

Championship in the Motovated


Peter Caughey and Karen Marshell win the 2009 UIM World Superboat Championship in the Motovated Superboat.

Motovated Design and Analysis

"Kiwi Peter Caughey has clinched his third World Superboat Championship in his Motovated Superboat in drizzling conditions at Featherston today.

Cantabrian’s Caughey’s time of 45.52 seconds was enough to beat fellow Kiwi and Sprintec driver Leighton Minnell (47.18 seconds), who was racing in his third only Superboat race, and ironically in the Sprintec boat Caughey built and won the 2004 and 2005 New Zealand Championships in.

Today’s result backed up Caughey’s win in the first round of the World Championship at Meremere last weekend.

Pumping out 1000 horse-power and reaching speeds of up to 140 kilometres per hour, the superboats complete 3 laps of a tight, twisty circuit around shallow channels in less than a minute with no brakes.

“This fantastic result hasn’t come easy – we’ve been working hard on the boat and I have to pay tribute to my navigator Karen Marshall and our team of sponsors and supporters, especially Motovated Design Analysis, whose sponsorship has made competing in this Championship possible,” said an elated Caughey.

“Today’s bumper crowd at the Hire Company-sponsored event were treated to some of the best sprintboat racing you could ever ask for,” continued the 5-time New Zealand and now 3-time World Champion.

In the 650 horsepower Group A boats, it was an all-Australian and all-Sprintec affair in which occasional V8 Supercar driver Nathan Pretty edged out Victoria’s Ted Sygidous to win the World Championship ahead of another Australian Slade Stanley, also in a Sprintec.  

“Lower Hutt’s Ray Ferguson was looking good for a strong result before he chucked a conrod out of the side of the block of one the largest engines in the sport - a 700 cubic inch Chevy,” said Caughey.

‘Overall it was a sensational weekend – to clinch the World Championship is one thing and to see the Sprintec boats I’ve built and prepared go 1-2 in the Superboat and Group A categories is just amazing.”

After a hectic few months of preparing boats and securing sponsorship, Caughey is looking forward to some family time camping in the South Island.

“Then the next challenge will be to capitalise on these fantastic results and entice a major sponsor for the 2010 World Superboat Championships in Australia,” said Caughey.

UIM World Superboat Championships

Round 2 results, 11th January, Featherston

  1. Peter Caughey, Sprintec
  2. Leighton Minnell, Sprintec

UIM World Superboat Championship

Overall results

  1. Peter Caughey, Sprintec
  2. Richard Burt
  3. Leighton Minnell, Sprintec

International Group A class of UIM World Championship

Round 2 results, 11th January, Featherston

  1. Nathan Pretty, Sprintec
  2. Ted Sygidous, Sprintec
  3. Rex Briant,
  4. Slade Stanley, Sprintec

International Group A class of UIM World Championship

Overall results

  1. Nathan Pretty, Sprintec
  2. Slade Stanley, Sprintec
  3. Peter Briant"


2009 Jim Koehler Monster Truck

Team Scream represented on
Australian circuit.   
Jim Koehler will be driving

Raptor Rampage at the South
Pacific World Finals.



2009 Chris Bergeron Monster Truck

Monster Truck, Monster Jam 2009 World Finals 3rd out of 24 trucks.


 Brutus_Monster_Truck_Driver_Owner_Chris_Bergeron_Of_Team_Scream_Using_Kinsler_Fuel_InjectionBrutus driven by Chris Bergeron had amazing racing passes, and an awesome freestyle.  



Tractor Pulling

2010 Chris Brading Points

Owner Driver Chris Brading of
MacMasters Pontiac2010 Points
Great Lakes and Central
Truck & Tractor Pulling Assoc.

Running Kinsler SB Chevrolet
Dragon Claw intake manifold and
constant flow fuel metering