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Engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, calibration, testing, and modification, of mechanical and electric
fuel injection systems and components for all types of racing and performance.

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Features all ball bearing support of the longitudinal throttle shafts,
including the bearing between each set of butterflies. This gives
super smooth throttle action, allowing better control of the car on the

These manifolds can accommodate any port design the customer wants.
Kinsler can help the customer select a port for his engine combination,
by varying both the shape and volume of the CNC ported runners. 
The manifold was released in February, and Kinsler has already made
some extreme variations to suite their customers.

 World of Outlaws, Tucson AZ   March 8th 2014

 WoO Brad Sweet KKR 14
 1st Place: Brad Sweet Car #49 of Kasey Kahne Racing
 Engine by Speedway Engine Development Inc., Indianapolis

Kerry Madsen 4 3 14
Kerry Madsen, driving the #29 car of Keneric Racing
won the Stockton, CA race on 3-22-14 using a
Morrison Racing Engines engine.

                             Billet 410 SB Chev 1653 Lg 
Both Sweet and Madsen used a Kinsler Billet 410 manifold


Some of these manifolds have been made for EFI road racing and for street use,
with throttle position sensors, fuel rails, and nozzle bosses for EFI nozzles.

ViperV10 Ver2 0435 Crop

Viper V-10 Billet Manifold, these ran at The 24 Hours of LeMans.
Note the transverse throttle shafts.

       52nd Rolex 24 At Daytona, Jan 25-26, 2014

               No 5 Action Express Racing Corvette DPWeb Kinsler LS Injection

                GM Engine by ECR with Kinsler LS injection

          Won by Joao Barbosa, Christian Fittipaldi, and Sebastien Bourdais
          in the No. 5 Action Express Racing Corvette DP.



               2013  WORLD  OF  OUTLAW  CHAMPION

             Daryn Pittman just squeaked it out at the Charlotte World Finals,
           supported by Kale Kahne, Crew Chief of the Year, and the crew
           of the Great Clips #9. 
The Kasey Kahne Racing organization made
           a superior
effort all year long!

                                 Pittman 4 13             

             Speedway Engine Development won the 2013 Engine Builder of the
 congrats to Rick Long, Jay Wood and staff.  They do the
             engines for #9. 
They use the Kinsler Beast manifold on Daryn’s engines.

               #9 Daryn Pittman and Team 2013 Champion World of Outlaws

              Megan Mandic, Mike Carber, Michelle Kahne, Kale Kahne, Mandy
             Pittman, Taylor Pittman, Daryn Pittman, Tawny Carpenter, Kolten
             Gouse, Willie Kahne, Doug Stringer



                  2013 Knoxville National’s Race Results

              Saturday August 10th 410 Race “A Main Feature”

                  53rd Annual FVP Knoxville Nationals
          Knoxville 410 Nats 8 10 13

                            Donny Shatz Car 15

                 Winner Donny Shatz in #15 with a Shaver engine
                 and a Kinsler Tough Pump

                            Brian Brown 8 8 13

                 2nd Place Brian Brown in #21 with a Garret engine
                 and a Kinsler manifold


                  3rd Place Justin Henderson in #1D with a Parker engine,
                  a Kinsler Beast manifold, and Tough Pump

                 Friday August 9th 410 Race“A Main Feature”

                 53rd Annual FVP Knoxville National Night #3

                                   Kyle Larson 1KL
                 1st place Kyle Larson in #1KL with a Speedway
                 and a Kinsler Beast manifold

                 3rd Place Chad Kemenah in #63 with a Hamshire
                 Racing engine, a Kinsler Beast manifold, and
                Tough Pump

               Thursday August 8th 410 Race

                 53rd Annual FVP Knoxville Nationals Night #2 

                             Brian Brown 8 8 13

                 1st Place Brian Brown in the #21 with a Garret engine
                 and a Kinsler manifold

                             Kerry Madsen 8 8 13
                2nd Place Kerry Madsen in #29 with a Morrison engine
                and a Kinsler Beast manifold

                Wednesday August 7th 410 Race "A Main Feature"

              53rd 410 Race Annual FVP Knoxville Nationals Night #1

                             David Gravel

               Winner David Gravel in the #6 with a Kistler engine and

               a Kinsler Monster manifold.

               2nd Place Brad Sweet in the #49 with a Speedway engine
               and a Kinsler Beast manifold

               3rd Place Tim Keading in #83 with a Speedway engine
               and a Kinsler Beast manifold


               Saturday August 3rd 360 Race “A Main Feature”

               53rd Annual Arnold Motor Supply 360 Nationals


                             Shane Stewart 57 8 3 13  

               WINNER Shane Stewart in #57 with Wesmar Engine and

               Kinsler RAPTOR manifold

                             Kevin Swindell 71s 8 3 13

             RUNNER UP Kevin Swindell in #71S using a Parker engine

             and Kinsler RAPTOR manifold


      Knoxville Nat 2013  



 New Image2 Model HP (high pressure) Nozzle Lines
             Slim, sleek, lightweight

  HP Hose End at Head web1

 HP Series Nozzle Line 13 1121 Crop webHP Series W Nozzle 1940 crop web


   The line end fittings and collars are our own design, made in stainless.
   The lines are assembled in our shop, using an eight-crimp die set.
   They have a 5/16” hex at the barrel valve for easier installation.
   You can rotate the fitting in the line after installation.
   The PVC sheath is crimped under the collar; no braid showing:
   protects from dirt.

   The fitting for the nozzle has a 45-degree seat to properly match the
   angle on the nozzle.
   It is bent 65 degrees to let the lines run snug over the valve covers.

   The line is smooth bore Teflon 3/16”ID, with stainless braid, covered
   with black PVC, .275 OD. This is rated at 3,000 psi working pressure,
   with a minimum burst pressure of 14,000 psi. We have tested ten of
   these line assemblies to 15,000 psi without a failure.


             American Le Mans Series Viper V10 ALMS ViperV10 Ver2 Web

            Viper GTS-R manifold designed and machined by Kinsler for Roush
          Industries. We worked with Roush on the development and packaging
          of this billet aluminum manifold.

         Transverse throttle shafts with ball bearings. Special progressive linkage
         works with their “blipper” motor to synchronize throttles for transmission
         gear changes.

       Viper GTS-R #91 leading the Corvette #4 at
       the 12-Hours of Sebring on March 17, 2013
Viper GTS R Sebring 13


                             NEW: Series 2 Tough Pump

              Sizes: 8.68 GPM, 10.62 GPM, & 12.58 GPM at 4,000 Pump rpm,
              at 100 psi pressure.  These are just as rugged as the Series 1
             Tough Pumps; will handle dirt in the fuel better than any other pump.

 TP Series 2 Front Web

 Applications: 600 plus cubic inch naturally aspirated Methanol, Supercharged or Turbocharged Methanol up to 2,000 HP, Top Fuel Harley Davidson (requires special seals for nitro). These pumps are good to 300 psi continuous.

The biggest problem racers have with their mechanical fuel pumps is wear, due to gears and housings that aren’t hard  enough. Our pump has very hard gears and a hardcoated housing to hold up very well against dirt... we have yet to have one wear out in the field due to dirt passing through them.

Total pump failures are another problem. Our pumps are made with very premium metals, coatings, and very close tolerances to give extreme durability... we have never had one of our pumps fail in the field. TP Series 2 Web

               See the bottom of this page and our “Pump” page for more details



Program and setup 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC Machines.

Must have an excellent mechanical aptitude and good common sense to design and produce good fixtures and parts.

Must have experience with CAM software.

Experience with simultaneous multi-axis and 3D surface machining would be a large plus.

We also need an excellent trainee to load the machines and make parts.

We are a 45 year old rock solid company that continues to develop new innovative products. Our attitude is that we have no limits on what we can become.

Excellent benefits: Well funded and managed defined contribution plan and very good medical insurance.
We have a no-layoff policy.

We have a very superior team of enthusiastic, creative people that enjoy the project challenges.

Want to be a part of this?


  52nd Knoxville Nationals August 2 - August 11, 2012

Knoxville Nat Thank You 2012


                     INDY 500 Sunday, May 27, 2012

Indy 500 Dario Franchitti 12 443x300

It was great watching Dario Franchitti win his third Indy 500, with his Chip
Ganassi Racing teammate Scott Dixon taking second; both running Honda
Engines. We had our equipment on both of these cars.

During qualifying, Chevrolet engines took the ten top spots, so it looked like
they might dominate the race. After being absent from Indy since 2003, they
had come back with a vengeance!

Final top twelve, by engine: Honda, Honda, Chevrolet, C, C, C, H, H, H, C, C, H
We had our equipment on ten of these 12 cars and on most of the rest of the field.


DAYTONA 500   February 27-28, 2012


 Daytona 500 12a


Congratulations to Matt Kenseth for
winning this wettest, fieriest, and most
delayed NASCAR Cup race ever! He
drove an impressive race in his Roush
Fenway Racing #17 Ford, owned by
John Henry, with Jimmy Fennig as
crew chief.


All five top finishers ran Kinsler F.I.
components,as well as 36 of the 43
cars that started the race.

Click the third green button down
at the left.




 The Outlaws know how to get PUMPED UP !!!
World of Outlaws from Las Vegas — March 8, 2012 A Main
                                                                                                       TP installed Mod
Pos. Driver   Car #  Fuel Pump

  1 -Tim Kaeding            #83JR       Tough Pump
  2 -Jason Sides              #7S                 other
  3 -Steve Kinser            #11           Tough Pump
  4 -Chad Kemenah       #63           Tough Pump
  5 -Brian Brown            #21           Tough Pump
  6 -Sammy Swindell      #1            Tough Pump
  7 -Jason Meyers         #14           Tough Pump
  8 -Tony Stewart          #14S         Tough Pump
  9 -Donny Schatz         #15           Tough Pump
10 -Kraig Kinser           #11K         Tough Pump


50th Running of The Rolex 24-Hours of Daytona

 2012 24-Hours Daytona

Kinsler’s modular Ford cross-ram manifold injected the
Roush-Yates Engine's that powered the 1-2-3 Over-All finish.


1st - #60 Michael Shank Racing with Curb-Agajanian driven by

2nd - #8 Starworks Motorsport driven by

3rd - #6 Michael Shank Racing with Curb-Agajanian driven by

Congratulation to the ALL the teams and the staff of Roush-Yates Engines.
A special “hats off” to John Maddox, Roush-Yates Engines’ Daytona
Prototype/Road Racing
program manager

Kinsler Ford Modular Crossram 

     Sprint Cars at Knoxville Raceway June 9th , 2012

Knoxville Winners 6 9 2012 443ppi

                 Kinsler Manifolds and Tough Pumps fill the podium

1st Kerry Madsen’s Keneric #29 with a Morrison Racing Engine
2nd Sammy Swindell’s Big Game #1 with a Parker Engine
3rd Brian Brown’s Casey General Store/FVP #21 with a Garrett Racing Engine

360 A-main
Clint Garner’s #40 with a Parker Engine

Jason Meyers WoO 11b


Donnie Bowles / Propane Injected
Kinsler Modular Ford Manifold 

Bowles Kinsler Modular Ford 12 2010 Mustang Bowles Roush Kinsler 12

  Engine Built by Roush Competition Engines
Won 2012 NMRA Modular Muscle Class
18th Annual Spring Break Shootout in

Bradenton, FL Motorsports Park, March 1-4

9.775 seconds @ 136.10 MPH


Click here to view a short video clip


TwoGuysGarage Weba

Click Here Killer Fuel Injection



Tough Pump HomePage

ToughPumpFlierPg1 09

ToughPumpFlierPg2 09



In our 45 years we have acquired
a vast experience in motor sports:
Sprint Cars, Midgets, TQs, Drags,
Sports Racing Cars, Street Perfor-
mance, Boats, Indy 500, Pulling
Vehicles, Bonneville, Mud and
Sand Drags Motorcycles, Snow-
mobiles, Personal Watercraft, and
more. Whether you're a profess-
ionnal racer, a weekend warrior,
or into street performance, we are
glad to use our broad experience to
help you select the proper Fuel
Injection system or Components
for your application.Our technicians
are knowledge-able and very
patient.... please call them at
(248) 362-1145.

No matter what brand of racing
fuel injection you may already
have.... we are delighted to work
with you.



ani Dragon 08a



New Products

Click On The Images For More Information

Billet 410

For Small Block Chev, Ford, ETC.

 Features all ball bearing support of the longitudinal throttle shafts, including the bearing between each set of butterflies. This gives super smooth throttle action, allowing better control of the car on the track.

These manifolds can accommodate any port design the customer wants.

Kinsler can help the customer select a port for his engine combination, by varying both the shape and volume of the CNC ported runners.

Billet 410 SB Chev 1653Sm

              Valley Plate Vent
                 Breather Kit;

Complete with aluminum U-bend,
pinch clamp, and K&N filter with oil.

Billet aluminum pinch clamp mount,
Dual o-ringed to seal out dirt.
Anodized aluminum tube
Cad plated bolts
Light weight

 Kinsler Valley Plate Vent Breather

        Tough Pump Series II

           Sizes: 900--1100--1300

                 Click on the image
                    to view larger




   New Beast Non-Linear Linkage

Slower throttle opening at the beginning, then speeds up nearing wide open throttle, so pedal travel is approximately the same. 

Click on the image to 
view motion



  NEW ASCS 360 RAPTOR Manifold  Specifically designed for 360 Sprint Car engines.   Great Idle quality.   Throttle sizes:
2 3/16”, 2 1/4”, 2 3/8”, 2 7/16”, 2 1/2”, and
2 5/8”.  Cast magnesium runners with bronze throttle shaft bushings installed. Runners are 100% CNC ported, with our program, or custom program to your specifications.  Black anodized
billet aluminum valley plate, I beam ribs for greater support, for GM & Dart blocks.  Bolt on breather and distributor pad.  Billet aluminum super tops with built in restrictor, or straight bore billet ramtube adapters.   Nozzle bosses internally vented.  3/8" diameter back cut throttle shafts, jackshaft linkage kit, 180 degree bell tapered wall ramtubes, set of (8) Kinsler flowed and matched 5 ½”" AS deflector nozzles.  All linkage machined from billet aluminum.  High quality rod ends and fasteners
            Click on the image to
view product flier



       NEW 305 RAPTOR Manifold  Specifically designed for 305 Small block Chevrolet Race Saver—URSS—ASCS Classes.   Great—Drivability-- Idle quality.   Throttle sizes: 2 3/16”, 2 1/4”, 2 3/8”, 2 7/16”,
2 1/2”, and 2 5/8”.  Cast magnesium runners with bronze throttle shaft bushings installed. Runners are 100% CNC ported for Race Saver or ASCS Brodix head, World Products, or custom program to your specifications.  Black anodized
billet aluminum valley plate, I beam ribs for greater support, for GM & Dart blocks.  Bolt on breather and distributor pad.  Billet aluminum super tops with built in transition, or straight bore billet ramtube adapters.   Nozzle bosses internally vented.  3/8" diameter back cut throttle shafts, jackshaft linkage kit, 180 degree bell tapered wall ramtubes, set of (8) Kinsler flowed and matched 5 ½”" AS deflector nozzles.  All linkage machined from billet aluminum.  High quality rod ends and fasteners.
             Click on the image to
view product flier



      New LS Sprint Manifold

Transverse throttle shafts
Sealed bearings
Link bar linkage

Good for Constant Flow 410 Sprint car
and EFI applications.

Click on the image for 
multiple views


          Kinsler LS Sprint Manifold


   New Billet CNC Throttle Body

4150 Bolt pattern
100% CNC machined
Sealed throttle shaft bearings
Bolt-on GM IAC motor or Block off
Optional progressive linkage
Bolt-on TPS bosses
1.700" throttles

Approx. 1,000 CFM @ 
1.5" Hg  or  20.4" of  H2O


             NEW Air Filter Base,
          Ramtube Seal Plates.

                 2 3/16" to 2 3/8"

            Fits most popular air boxes
       Click on the image to enlarge


   NEW Beast Manifold For SB Chev
   and Mopar.
Specifically designed for 410 Sprint Car engines.   Great Idle quality. Standard unit compliments AllPro and Brodix cylinder heads.  Throttle sizes: 2 11/16", 2 3/4", 2 13/16", and 2.9".  Cast magnesium runners with bronze throttle shaft bushings installed. Runners are 100% CNC ported, with our program, or custom program to your specifications.  Extra light cast magnesium valley plate (Chev).  Billet ramtube adapters.   Nozzle bosses internally vented or without bosses.  3/8" dia. back cut throttle shafts, jackshaft linkage kit, 180 degree bell tapered wall ramtubes, set of (8) Kinsler flowed and matched 1" AS deflector nozzles.  All linkage machined from billet aluminum.  High quality rod ends.
Click on the image to view Product Flier
Beast  on


 NEW XL ASCS with Billet Super Tops with built in restrictor 

      Click on the image to
         view Product Flier

  These are OEM Siemens Dekainjectors modified by KinslerFuel Injection to flow 800cc/min(76.0 lb/hr) @ 45 psi @ 12.0 ohms.

They are drop-in replacements for
Honda K-series (2.050" o-ring c-c).
.575" OD top & bottom o-rings.
Car style electrical connector.

$260/set of 4 (or $65 each)


Handbook Page 138

Harley Davison throttle body,
billet aluminum, bronze bushed throttle shaft bores,  with 180 degree  ramtube bell. Barrel valve mounting pad.  Includes return springs and linkage.

  Kinsler Fuel Injection Plenum

Cast magnesium 6" dia. universal throttle body flange -CNC'd to  accept the throttle body of your choice.Accommodates up to 3.15" diameter throttle body  (80mm).  Minimum throttle body bore diameter:2.250"  (57mm). Opening is 16"long x 4.5" wide.  Provisions for secondary nozzles and/or injectors with fuel rail.  Multiple provisions for sensors and vacuum/boost reference connections.  O-ring seal –from lid to throttle body and lid to base.  Application specific models available for Honda B, H, K, and F-series engines.User designated plenum volumes available from 2300cc to 4700cc.


Click on image for JPEG Image of Info Sheet

Click Here----For PDF Info Sheet 



Metric to AN One Way Check Valve;12mm inlet x 6AN or 8AN outlet check valve features an anodized aluminum body equipped with a high flow stainless o-ringed poppet for excellent sealing.  The poppet is spring loaded to the inlet seat with ~ ½ PSI for minimal pressure drop.  Body is available with either 6AN or 8AN male flare outlet adapters. Fits popular

Bosch fuel pumps.  6AN + o-ring inlet thread is also available.  Fits Weldon 600A and Weldon 1100A pump with adapter fitting.

#3183       12mm x 8AN for pump #10211 #3184       6AN m. o-ring X 8AN for pump  

                # 10200

#3183-6   12mm X 6AN for pump #10211

#3184-6    6 AN m. o-ring X 6AN male flare  

                for pump # 10200

#6271      6AN female x 10AN male + o-ring

                adapter for pump # 10201



 Extra Light ASCS

Dragon Claw Manifold


 Kinsler 2200 CFM

Billet Twin Blade

throttle body with

 Dominator bolt pattern.


Handbook Page 43

 Screen Air Filter Boots

Available in two colors;
Silver & Gold

 Silver GoldScreens ls7x ram Web

Tough Pump

One piece gear shaft

Rock solid housing

Steady flow at extreme


               Click on image to see PDF Flier


 Bosch 044 fuel pump

Pre-filter fuel sock

 Bosch_Pump_Intank_AdapterFitting and_Sock
   Filter Booties


Handbook Page 192

LS Crossram

With Carbon Fiber Ramtubes

Fits: LS3, L92, L96,

LS7, & C5R #


Handbook Page 20

  Click here for Video Clip, Roadster Shop

                   CR 1 1962 Corvette

With Aluminum Ramtubes


Handbook Page 20

LS 7 Vertical

This manifold can be machined to fit the same heads as the above crossram manifold.


Handbook Page 20

GM Ecotec


Handbook Page 38

ASCS Small Core

Dragon Claw

With Small Core Runner


Handbook Page 14

Honda ITB

For all K-series heads. Seven throttle sizes: 51mm to 67mm. Port windows and runners CNC machined to match your head without additional porting. "Upper" rail is available for competition drag racing.


Handbook Page 39

Three Way Fuel

Shut-off Valve


Handbook Page 169

Leakage Tester


Handbook Page 107

Mopar ASCS


Handbook Page 34

EFI Injector 90º Adapter


Handbook Page 143

MC 250 Throttle


Handbook Page 44

Mopar P9

4 Cylinder Hemi


Handbook Page 35

Mopar 426 Hemi

Click to view video


Handbook Page 35

12AN Fuel Rail



Handbook Page 141

Fuel Pump;

Manifold style 3 and 4 Port

3port Mechanical Fuel Pump

Handbook Page 132

Small Block Ford

Dragon Claw


Monster Mesh Filters


The lightest in the industry with a huge amount of filtering mesh and screen.


Handbook Page 163

Small Block Chevrolet Monster


Handbook Page 17

Big Block Ford SCJ

EFI Super Cobra Jet

Click Here for Product Page





410 Dragon Claw has Dual nozzle boss locations Plus down nozzle ability. 
2 1/2” throttle size,

  • Magnesium castings, aluminum is available
  • Bronze throttle shaft bushings installed in manifolds

Click Here for Product page


dragon claw

Handbook Page 12





Constant flow systems are very flexible and cost effective for many types of
racing, engine configurations, and fuels. They are capable of supplying a very
wide range of fuel requirements. The system can be easily configured and
tuning is accomplished by increasing or decreasing the systems operating

A constant flow system uses a mechanical fuel pump to increase/decrease
the supply flow to the injection unit directly related to engine rpm. This variable
flow creates pressure against the fixed orifices of the main bypass jet and the
nozzles. Using a barrel valve assembly the idle and the part throttle fuel rate is
controlled. Kinsler can supply additional bypasses and enrichment circuits to
give added flexibility.


Basic components of a constant flow fuel injection system :
A) Air control - individual runner (I.R.) manifold or throttle body.



B) Kinsler Fue Injection manufacturrer's throttle linkage.  Special jackshaft
     kits (like the one shown above) are available for most manifolds.



C) We stock heavy duty Morse throttle cables and shut-off cables. We also
     offer S.S.   quick and bolt down release mounting clamps.



 D) Barrel valve assembly - barrel valve houses the spool. The spool controls
     fuel for idle and part throttle. There is a selection of spools for different
     engines and fuels.



E) Nozzles - fixed orifice in the runner or plenum of intake manifold. Sized for
     specific engine and fuel being used.


F) Nozzle lines - connects barrel valve or distribution block to nozzles.


 G) Main bypass jet can - houses poppet and spring for basic idle fuel
     pressure, holds main bypass jet.




 H) Main bypass jet - this orifice works in conjunction with pump and
     nozzles to set the overall fuel delivery of the system. It can be
     quickly changed to adjust the base fuel rate.

Kinsler_Mechanical_Fuel_Pump  Kinsler_Mechanical_Fuel_Pump

I) Fuel pump (mechanical) - positive displacement pump.


J) Fuel pump drive - typically setup to run fuel pump at 1/2 engine rpm. Can
    be mounted to camshaft or belt drive.


K) Fuel shut-off valve - stops fuel flow to barrel valve to allow the engine to
     be shut-off.


L) Fuel filter - filters the fuel to protect nozzles, bypass valves, and barrel valve.

Optional components :


M) Secondary bypass valve - allows tuning flexibility of part throttle.


N) High-speed bypass valve - allows tuning flexibility of higher rpm fuel delivery.


 O) Electric lean-out or enrichment valve - special function valve to allow
     tuning of a specific area or range of the fuel deliver.



P) Kinsler Jet Selector Valve - holds eight main bypass jets. Allows main
     jet to be adjusted while engine is running.



 Q) Kinsler Vapor Separator Tank (VST) system - typically used when the
     main fuel tank is mounted too far away from the mechanical pump and
     a transfer pump is required. Kinsler specially designed system keeps a
     constant feed pressure to the mechanical pump to prevent cavitation.



'A' type : fuel is discharged at 45 to body through notch cut in deflector,
commonly called 'whistle' or 'notched'. 'AS' type : fuel discharged in line
with body through a diffuser screen, commonly called 'screen tip' or 'shot-gun'.


Kinsler_Ano_QD_Quick_Disconnect_Main_Bypass_Valve Kinsler_Flowed_Main_Jets_Also_Called_Pills

Even a perfect fuel injection unit is of little use to the owner unless he has
a good set of jets to use with it. When using commercially made jets, it is
not unusual when going .005" smaller in jet size (in an attempt to richen
the unit) to actually find no fuel rate change, or perhaps go grossly rich,
or even to go a bit leaner! This makes it impossible to "tune in" the engine
for best power and consistence.

EACH K-type jet is precisely machined and stamped with the "KINSLER"
name to identify it. It has a reamed orifice controlled within .0002", a precise
radius leading to the orifice, and a regulated finish.

Every K-type jet is tailored on the flow bench to within 1/2% of the flow rate
of the master reference jet of its same size. Therefore, even though the
increments between the K-type jets are very small (.002" available), the
change in flow rate between each jet is the same. Every jet of the same
size flows the same, if one jet is lost, an exact duplicate can be shipped

A) Because of the larger radius entrance to the metering orifice in the K-type
     jets, you must start with a K-type jet that is about .008" smaller than the
     conventional jet that you are replacing, if you want to retain your present
     fuel rate.

B) Always install the jet so that the number is facing up as you drop the jet in,
     then the fuel will flow into the radiused side of the jet. After the jet can has
     been assembled, the number will be facing toward the poppet.

C) Make sure the jet can end has an o-ring receiving groove and that an o-ring
     is in place for the jet to sit on. Note: the jet sealing o-ring should be replace
     periodically to make sure that the compound has not "dried" out.

We can make variations of these nozzles and special nozzles just call us.
Also see pg 10 of main handbook.

Kinsler nozzle
flow code

lbs./hr low
per nozzle .72 sp. gr.
gasoline at 0 psi

orifice size

Hilborn Size

+ or - approx. 4% from flows shown at left Crower and Enderle nozzle size (they code their inserts differently)

X-39 1040





Deflector Types

'A' Type: Fuel discharged at 45 degrees to body through notch cut in deflector:
commonly called 'whistle' or 'notched'.

'AS' Type: Fuel discharged in line with body through a diffuser screen:
commonly called 'screen tip' or 'shot-gun'

Nozzle Venting Vents let air premix with the fuel inside the nozzle for better

Externally Vented : For
normally aspirated engines
(unblown). Vented to the
atmosphere. Use #5020
KFI nozzle vent filter
biscuits for protection
against dirt.

Internally Vented: For
normally aspirated engines.
Vents frow inside the runner
of the manifold or cylinder

Non-Vented & Z-type : For supercharged or
turbocharged use were the nozzle exit sees
the manifold boost.

Vent location and quantity One and three
vent nozzles drip into the engine on shut off
are the safest. Four and six vent nozzles drip
outside on shut off present a tiny-fire hazard
but prevent any possible cyl. washdown.


Constant flow nozzle

For nozzles, bypass jets, carb jets
A sharp edge at the orifice entrance causes the flow stream to converge, the
smallest flow cross section being termed the vena contracta and is the point
of lowest pressure. The vena results in less flow through a given hole size than
a piece with a rounded entrance.

The particle of fuel coming straight down
a bit off to the left or
in at an angle at the
right both find their
way into the hole.

This design is the
least sensitive to
machine marks, but
the blend of the
radius to the bore is very important.  Not easily damaged, as nicks from handling tend to be on the top

The particle a bit off
to the left tends to hit
the top surface; may
bounce off to the left,
or into the hole. The
particle coming in
from the right will go
into the hole.

This design is quite
difficult to make, as
the sharp edge must
be the same on all
the holes, with no
nicks. It is easily
damaged by nicking
the edge.

The particle a bit
off to the left will
not enter the hole. The particle coming
in from the right
may not enter the hole.

You would never really see this design in a jet, but
it is exactly like a ramtube without a bell. The top edge
is easily damaged.

We use only fully radiused type orifice approaches in all our nozzles and jets.
Every nozzle and jet we make is done with great care, but they still don't all
turn out properly. Each piece is flowed at three different pressures, then
compared to the master flow sheet If it isn't within tolerance, it is scrapped.
Testing at three pressures is important because some pieces will flow perfect
at low flows, but then go turbulent (due to imperfections on the surface) at
high flows.... we call this a "shift" in the flow. All of this quality control costs
more money, but it assures you of receiving the best possible peices in the


Flow through an orifice
Pressure rises as the square of the flow through an orifice, so to double the
flow through a jet nozzle takes four times the pressure:


If we know the flow of a jet or nozzle at some pressure , we can figure out
the flow at a new pressure: