Kinsler's Handbook/Catalog consists of two booklets:
  The "Original" 56-page booklet is shown with "red" links.
  The "#31" 88-page booklet is shown with "blue" links.
  Pages are listed in order of significance.    

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  Air density:  
Gauge 79M, 39, 40, 41
    Theory & calculation of   39, 40, 53    
Air facts & aerodynamics 53
  Air filters     50M, 28, 54, 55, 64M   
  Air fuel ratio meter   78M  
  Specific gravity test kit   79M, 42, 43  
  Properties   78M  
  Apparel - T-shirts, hats, jackets, patches 84M  
  Arms, throttle   21M, 22M, 23M, 24M, 26  
  Barrel valves:      
    Models   38M, 7M, 9  
    Xtra-Light models   38M, 11M, 87M  
    Setting Leakage and Linkage   39M  
  Bell crank linkage   22M, 26  
  Belts & pulleys   47M, 25  
  Blower hats:      
  For EFI     16M  
  Mounted on tunnel ram   51M, 8 , 88M   
  Blown system   16M, 17M, 20  
  Searace by Crouse   84M  
  Speedboat by Fostle   84M  
  Boxes, hardwood:      
  For air density gauge   79M, 41, 42  
  For spark plugs   79M, 41,42  
  For fuel analyzer kit   79M, 41,42  
  Boost a pump kittm    61M  
  Boost pressure reading   81M  
  Brief History of Fuel Injection   74M, 75M  
  Buick V6 manifolds   88M  
  Butterflies (throttle plates)   25M, 9  
  For shutoff   20M, 26  
  For throttle   20M, 26  
  Mounting brackets   20M, 26    
  Working ends   20M, 26  
  Knobs   20M, 26      
  Calibration sheet-from flow test    
    of your unit   13  
  Caps: fuel, oil, & water tank   80M, 22    
  Fuel pump inlet   73M    
  Prevention system   49, 50, 51, 73M  
  Check Valves   81M    
  Chevrolet small block V8   9M, 10M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 11M
  Constant flow metering:        
  A few valuable hints   13  
  Basic adjustments   14    
  Blower hat plumbing schematic 20  
  Comparison to Lucas & Electronic 29M    
  Economizer valve   49, 50, 51  
Filters, fuel 27, 49M
  Flow curves   40M, 41M, 42M, 43M, 44M, 45M
Fuel tanks - proper construction 19
  High speed bypass, diaphragm type 35M, 42M, 43M, 44M, 34, 35, 36
Jets 30M, 76M, 29, 30
  Main bypass, quick disconnect 35M, 31  
Plastic jet holder: holds 26 jets 30
  Plumbing schematics   17, 18, 20, 51  
Range jet valve, for use with
    Jet Selector Valve   35M, 36M, 37M    
    Safety shutoff valve   48M, 45  
    Secondary bypass   35M, 37, 38    
    Shutoff valve & adapter fittings 48M, 44, 45, 46  
    Springs, for jet cans   35M, 38    
  Conversion of carburetor manifolds    
into fuel injection:
  4-barrel style   15M, 51M, 18M, 66M  
Tunnel-ram style 51M, 8, 18M, 88M
  Weber style   18M, 14M, 8  
  Cover, front of handbooks:      
    #31 88-page booklet   1M  
    "Original" 56-page booklet   1  
  Crossram manifolds    5, 6, 88M, 1    
  Decals   84M  
  Density of air   39, 40, 53    
  Density of gasoline, alcohol, nitro 78M, 42, 43  
  Distribution blocks   22, 9, 65M    
  Drive - mechanical fuel pump:      
  Belt type   46M, 47M, 25    
  Front cover type   46M, 25   
  Belts & pulleys   47M, 25    
  Drive - 900 linkage   22M, 26  
  Drives - Lucas mechanical   3, 4, 25    
  Economizer valve   49, 50, 51  
  Electronic Fuel Metering:        
  Kinsler manifolds setup for   8M  
  Example of complete system   15M, 66M    
  Electronic Control Unit (ECU) 67M  
  Comparison to constant flow & Lucas 29M    
  Basic discussion   70M  
  Plumbing schematics   71M, 72M, 73M    
  Comparions Chart of popular brands    
     of racing electronic control units 68M, 69M
  For supercharged engines   13M, 17M  
Filters, air 50M, 28, 54, 55, 34M, 64M
  Filter foam material   54,   55  
Filters, fuel:
  Constant flow   49M, 17, 18, 20, 51, 52, 53  
EFI 49M, 57M, 71M, 72M
  Lucas   49M, 11  
Filter funnel 22
General, hose, & hose ends 87M, 86M, 30M, 21, 44
  Metric   86M  
"Y" 86M
  Plugs   86M  
Flow Test:
  New Manifold   85M, 7M, 2  
Your unit - any brand 85M, 7M, 2, 7
  K-type jets   30M, 29, 30, 85M  
Constant flow nozzles 31M, 32M, 33M, 34M,
7M, 30M, 85M, 10
  EFI injectors   54M, 55M, 56M, 57M, 85M  
Mechanical pumps 45M, 46M, 85M, 24
  Electric fuel pumps   58M, 59M, 60M, 61M, 85M  
Ford manifolds 12M, 13M, 88M
  Four barrel throttle body   15M, 17M, 51M, 66M, 1M, 88M
  Fuel - some properties of gas, alky, nitro 78M  
  Fuel analyzer kits   79M, 42, 43  
  Fuel pumps, electric   58M, 59M, 60M, 61M  
  Fuel pumps, mechanical:      
  Pumps   45M, 46M  
  Drives   46M, 23, 24, 25  
  Installation tips   23, 24  
  Plumbing schematics   17, 18, 20, 51, 52, 53, 73M  
  With EFI system   73M  
  Carburetor supply   52, 53  
  Fuel Rail & bosses   52M, 53M, 51M, 83M  
  Fuel tanks:      
Tanks 80M
  Mounting brackets   80M  
Caps 80M, 22
  Construction   19  
    Presusre & temperature   81M, 47  
Leakdown meter 39M
  Gasoline - properties   78M  
Hats, baseball 84M
  Hex link bars (throttle linkage bars) 22M, 26  
High speed bypass:
  Diaphragm   35M, 34, 35, 36  
K-140 35M
  Jet can   35M  
Electric 12-volt 35M
  Tuning & adjustment   42M, 43M, 44M, 35, 36  
Plumbing schematics 17, 18 20
  History of fuel injection   74M, 75M  
Injectors, EFI 54M, 55M, 56M, 57M, 83M
    Basic of an injector   54M, 55M  
Styles 55M, 56M
    Flow and grouping   57M  
O-rings, pintle, and inlet filter 57M
    Fuel rails & bosses   52M, 53M, 83M  
  Air/Fuel ratio   64M, 65M, 78M  
  Air density gauge   79M, 39, 40, 41  
  Fluke precision temp. readouts 47  
  Fuel flow meters   47  
  Gauges, pressure & temperature 81M, 47  
  Uni-syn, throttle synchronizer   48  
  Jet flow - theory & flow data   76M  
  Jet holder - holds 26 jets   30  
  Jet, main bypass for constant flow 30M, 29, 30  
  Jet Selector Valve - for constant flow 35M, 36M, 37M, 32, 33  
  K-type jets   30M, 29, 30  
  Throttle arms, 1-piece   21M, 22M, 26  
  Throttle arms, 2-piece   21M  
  Throttle stops   20M, 21M, 26  
  Cables & ends   20M, 26  
  Bell crank bearing   22M, 9, 26  
  Set up & theory   23M, 24M, 39M  
  Spring-screw linkage   19M, 48  
  Progressive   15M  
  Rod ends & hex link bars   22M, 9  
  900 drive   22M, 26  
  Lucas comparsion to constant flow & EFI 29M  
  Lucas metering   11, 8M, 75M  
  Lucas mounted on right angle drive 3, 4  
  Lucas parts and repair service   11, 85M  
  Magnesium - CAUTION   5M      
  Main bypass, constant flow:   35M  
  Quick disconnect   35M, 31  
  Jet can   35M  
  Jetting   40M, 76M  
  Features & options   3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 11M
  List of some of the available models 9M, 13M, 87M, 88M  
  Chevrolet small block V8   3M, 9M,87M, 88M  
  Vintage model Chevrolet, small block 4  
  Chevrolet big block V8   3, 88M  
  Crossram   5, 6,  88M, 1  
  Ford small block V8   13M, 88M  
  Ford Modular 4.6 & 5.4   13M  
  Ford big block V8   88M  
4-barrel throttle body 15M, 17M, 88M
  Indy Racing League   13M  
  Mopar small block   13M, 88M  
  Motorcycle   14M, 88M, 1M, 8  
  Pontiac Ram Air   13M  
  Rochester fuel injection base plate 9  
  Tunnel-ram type   51M, 8, 88M  
  Xtra Light Manifold for small block    
  Chevrolet, Mopar, & Ford 11M, 87M  
  Modification and/or flow test of your    
  unit - any brand   85M, 7, 7M  
  Motorcycle fuel injection   14M, 66M, 88M, 1M, 8  
  Properties   78M  
  Specific gravity test kit   79M, 28  
  Nozzles, constant flow:      
  Flow data   31M  
  Styles   31M, 32M, 33M  
  Design   30M, 31M, 10  
  Venting, filters   34M, 10  
  Orifice theory   76M  
  Plugs, 1/2-20   86M  
  Oil coolers   22  
  Orifice flow theory   54M, 56M, 76M  
  O-rings, plastic caps, jet nuts   82M  
  Percentage - understanding what it is 40  
  Pills  (main bypass jets), constant flow 30M, 29, 30  
  Plastic caps, for fittings & throttle bores 82M  
  Plastic jet holder: holds 26 jets   30   
  Plumbing, hose, & fittings   87M, 86M, 21, 30M  
  Plumbing schematics:      
    Constant flow   17, 18, 20  
      with Jet Selector Valve 36M, 37M  
      with Vapor Separator system 51  
EFI 71M, 72M, 73M 
    Carburetor supply   52, 53  
  Pressurized fuel pump inlet system to    
  prevent fuel pump cavitation 49, 50, 51,  73M   
  Pressure relief valve, EFI   62M, 63M  
  Posters   84M  
  Ports raised in intake manifold   3M  
  Pumps, fuel:      
  Mechanical   45M, 46M, 23, 24  
  Electric   58M, 59M, 60M, 61M  
  Filters   49M  
  Plumbing schematics   17, 18, 20, 51, 52, 53, 71M, 72M, 73M 
  Quick change main bypass      
    (quick disconnect)   35M, 31  
  Racing fuel injection comparison;    
  constant flow, Lucas, electronic 29M  
  Ramtubes   27M, 5M, 9  
  Radius plates   28M  
  Restrictors   27M  
  Air filters & air boxes   50M, 54, 55, 28  
  Recorder, for engine data   47  
  Regulator, Holley for Carburetors 52  
  Rod ends   22M, 26, 9  
  Safety wire, pliers, & drilling fixture 22  
  Secondary bypass, constant flow:    
  Valves   35M  
  Operation   39M, 40M, 41M, 42M, 37, 38  
  Plumbing schematics   17, 18, 20  
  Sensors, EFI:          
  Air temperature   64M  
  Coolant temperature   64M  
  Oxygen (O2)/Exhaust Gas   65M  
  Hall effect   65M  
  Idle air control (I.A.C.)   64M  
  Manifold Absolute Pressure (M.A.P.) 65M  
  Throttle Position Sensor (T.P.S.) 64M, 8M, 51M  
  Shirts   84M  
  Shutoff valves:      
  HFV, 2-way   48M, 44, 45  
  3-way   48M, 46  
  Cables & ends   20M, 22M  
  Pneumatic   48M  
  Electric   35M  
  Plumbing schematics   17, 18, 20  
  Springs, for jet can   35M, 38  
  Spring-screw linkage,      
    to synchronize throttles   19M, 6M, 48  
  Stops, throttle   20M, 21M, 22M, 23M, 24M, 26
  Switches, for wiring   50  
  Throttle linkage:      
  Arms   21M, 22M, 26  
  Stops   20M, 21M, 26  
  Cables   20M,22M, 26  
  Setup & theory   23M, 24M  
  Hex link bars & rod ends   22M, 26  
  Throttle plates (butterflies)   25M, 9  
  Throttle bodies   14M, 15M, 18M, 8  
  Throttle shafts   26M  
  Throttle synchronization:      
  Spring-screw throttle shaft linkage 19M, 6M, 48  
  Uni-syn throttle synchronizer   48  
  Tooling to machine fuel rails      
  & EFI injector mounting   53M, 83M, 51M  
  Leakage meter   39M  
  Uni-syn throttle synchronizer   48  
  AN wrenches & safety wire   22  
  Top adapters, for manifolds:      
  Replaceable   4M, 5M  
  Radius inlet plates   28M  
  Tunnel ram:      
  Made into fuel injection   15M, 51M, 8  
  Early development   8  
  (EFI is now the best metering) 12  
  Uni-syn throttle synchronizer   48, 19M  
  U-bends & tubing   77M  
  Universal nozzle boss   5M, 83M  
  Vacuum block   65M, 22  
  Vapor separator tank system -      
  to prevent fuel pump inlet cavitation 49, 50, 51,  73M   
  Vintage race units:      
  Chevrolet big block   3  
  Chevrolet small block   4  
  Weber manifold -       
    conversion to fuel injection   14M, 18M, 8  
  Wiring components   65M  
  Wood box:      
  For air density gauge   79M, 41, 42  
  For spark plugs   79M, 41, 42  
  For analyzer kit   79M, 41, 42  
  Wrenches, for AN fittings & hose ends 22